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Delhi’s 1st monkeypox patient recovers, discharged from hospital

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The LNJP hospital has discharged the first monkeypox patient from Delhi after the patient recovered from the infection. On Monday night, the patient was released after exhibiting signs of improvement.

Dr. Suresh Kumar, MD, of the LNJP Hospital, stated to IANS: “We have discharged the patient which was the first case of monkeypox in the capital city. The man recovered total in 25 days.”

According to Dr. Kumar, it is an achievement for the hospital. “I want to congratulate the team of our doctors involved in the treatment of monkeypox infection. They worked hard day and night and the patient got cured,” he added.

The patient, who has been discharged, is a resident of Delhi and has travelled to Himachal Pradesh in the past. He had been sick for the previous 15 days with a fever and skin issues, according to Dr. Kumar, before being taken to the hospital.

The patient spent 11 days in the hospital after being admitted. His first two reports were positive, but after receiving a negative third report, he was released from the hospital. Another person who may have had monkeypox was admitted to the hospital last night.

A total of three cases—two suspected and one confirmed—have been reported at the moment at LNJP Hospital, the nodal hospital for the treatment of monkeypox.

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