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Despite layoffs, Australia’s tech sector adds 70,000 jobs

Despite significant job losses, Australia’s technology sector grew by 8% in the preceding year. Notably, the sector was able to add over 10,000 new jobs in the first quarter of 2023.

According to research done by the Tech Council of Australia (TCA), between January and March 2023, 10,500 jobs were created. Additionally, the country’s technology job opportunities increased by 70,000 jobs, totalling 935,000 positions by February 2023.

The survey also found a striking pattern: for every post that was lost in the most recent quarter, 20 new ones were created. Most of these jobs came from the indirect technology sector, which includes tech-intensive professions in non-tech fields like retail, banking, professional services, government, and mining.

Additionally, the growth in tech employment in non-traditional tech industries denotes a sizable and long-lasting structural change in the Australian economy. Additionally, it emphasises how thoroughly digital skills have been incorporated into all spheres of the business.

Tech personnel are in high demand for their highly transferrable IT skills, which can be applied to any organisation, wherever in the nation. The tech industry has also grown to be a substantial employer in all states and territories, ranking as Australia’s seventh-largest employer.

Additionally, compared to the average job in each state and territory’s economy, IT jobs are growing more quickly. The research asserts that this expansion highlights the benefits of working in the technology sector, particularly the flexibility it provides and the capacity for skill transfer between various professions.

This expansion also fits with the council’s objective of creating 1.2 million tech employment by 2030, which is backed by the government.

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