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Disney Plus Hotstar: Get to Know New Price and Subscription Plans for Users in India

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Hotstar VIP plan to be discontinued

For all users registered with Disney Plus Hotstar, there is going to be a change in plans soon. Disney Plus Hotstar has taken a Netflix-like approach and has announced a change in the price plans and subscription details for users in the Indian market. 

It comes as sad news for some as the popular Hotstar VIP plan will be discontinued soon. While new plans will be implemented soon, they are affordable for the Indian masses. 

The Disney Plus Hotstar new plan starts at Rs 499 instead of the old Rs 399 (Hotstar VIP Plan). The access to all premium content still remains the same at Rs 1,499. Here is what the new plan will look like. 

Disney Plus Hotstar New Plans

Instead of the old two-plan approach, Disney Plus Hotstar will offer three different plans for users starting September 1, 2021. 

New Subscription Plan:

  • The Disney Plus Hotstar mobile-only subscription – Rs 499 (Access to only one mobile device at a time)
  • The Disney Plus Hotstar Super Plan – Rs 899 (Access to two devices at a time including mobile, TV and web)
  • The Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Plan – Rs 1,499 (Access to four devices at a time including mobile, TV and web)

While the major jump is clearly visible in the basic plan, Disney Plus Hotstar has promised their subscribers that irrespective of their plans all Disney+ Originals, blockbuster Hollywood movies, Marvel movies and latest American shows will be made available on the platform for all users. 

The basic mobile plan and the super plan support HD video qualities while the premium plan offers top-notch 4K resolution to their subscribers. 

It is yet to be disclosed how these new plans will affect the current VIP subscribers of Disney Plus Hotstar.

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