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Employees mental and physical stress is now a priority for HR


The human resource department plays a key role in maintaining a quality workforce. There are a lot of issues that have approached the working organization in various ways. The physical and mental stress of employees is one of the major problems. That HR has to face during the pandemic.

The effect of the covid-19 pandemic Shaked the base of the working class. According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMEI). The average employment went down from 404 million in March 2019 to 283 million in April 2020. This signifies that almost 122 people lost their jobs out of which 27 million were youth. As per data estimation, there were 78 million entrepreneurs and businesses in 2019-20, which got reduced to around 60 million in April 2020.

 All these factors have affected the market, economy, and people adversely. In this meantime, health became the major concern for the Human Resource Department of any organization.

  • The physical health of employees got hampered to a great extent during a pandemic. The restricted physical movement and lack of interaction from the outer world made employees weak. In the sense of wrong eating habits, lack of exercise and not being able to move. This impacted their work quality as well.
  • Health concerns also became a priority and no one knew till how long covid-19 infected employees shall be on leave. Extended leave. Lack of proper workforce and providing extra support to employees during covid-19. Did create a hole in the company’s pockets. With that, it became difficult to manage the human resource fluently. 
  • An imbalance by HR was noticed in the work-life of its employees. As the home and work got mixed making it a forced work from home situation. Along with that HR had to deal with the uncertainties of letting work restart from the office again and ensuring safety for a longer run became another major concern.
  • A lot of employees went through various stress issues that led to certain health problems like Blood Pressure, hypertension, and many more. Thus, the lack of productivity was a major concern for the Human Resource department of any organization. 
  • Fear of losing jobs is another reason for increased depression among employees.  Now to deal with cutting down on unwanted workforce. Along with not letting other employees be affected mentally, became a major challenge for the Human Resources department.


A lot of concerns got generated by the Human Resource department of any organization. For ensuring the productivity of its employees. Hence encouraging employees to take continuous health checkups. Organizing online webinars on stress management became a priority for the Human Resource department. With that managing the health-related data of employees and keeping a track of tending out to the most important task of Human Resource department during the pandemic.

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