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District administration of Jaipur is preparing to combat different vector-borne diseases

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Jaipur district collector Prakash Rajpurohit gave all officials the go-ahead to ensure that enough provisions were made for the effective prevention and control of dengue, chikungunya, and other seasonal infections due to escalating dengue concerns in the state.

According to a press release from the district collector’s office, “Besides making adequate arrangement, the district collector has ordered to improve the progress of work under the chief minister’s free medicine scheme.”  On Monday, the district health committee was being addressed by the collector in the collectorate auditorium.

He also stated during the conference that all primary health centres in the district should have better basic amenities, and that all primary health centres should have timely medication distribution.

Ghee raid: Early on Monday, a team organised by the district government raided a few dhabas on Ajmer Road in Jaipur as part of “The War Campaign for Shuddh.” Officials have seized two well-known brands of ghee. 549 kg of fake ghee in total were seized, and the suspects were charged under the Security Standards Act.

Source: Economic Times

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