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Do Indian Companies Provide Menstrual Leaves To Their Women Employees?

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We have always heard the term that India is a ‘developing’ country. Is it really true? Well, with rapid advancements, increased social media use, knowledge exchange and digital education, the population is definitely adopting paradigm-shifting solutions. While some decisions are influenced by the wave of change in the West, some come as a result of mindset change and the evolution of people’s minds.
In any country, equality, social change and multicultural advancements are some major parameters to consider before calling it modern or liberal. When it comes to women empowerment, India is still evolving. It has a long way to go. One of the most taboo subjects in India is to talk freely about menstruation. However, that is gradually changing in some parts of the country. In a revolutionary move, some companies in India have allowed women to have paid leaves during their menstrual cycle. How good is that?
Also, India is not the only country to consider offering leaves to its female employees during their monthly cycle. Countries like Japan, South Korea and Italy have menstrual leave as a part of their female employee leave policy. Taking a foot forward in the same way, some companies in India are offering one or two leaves to their female staff members.
Let’s get to know the companies that offer menstrual leaves.

  • Swiggy – It is an online food delivery company in India that offers two days of monthly time off to their female food delivery staff members.
  • Culture Machine – It is a Mumbai-based digital media startup that allows women to take a day off during the first day of their period.
  • Mathrumbi – It is a Malayalam media organization that allows women to work from home or stay at home during the first day of their cycle.
  • Magzter – It is a Chennai-based digital magazine platform that offers one day of paid leave to its women employees during their period.
  • Wet and Dry – It is a Delhi-based feminine hygiene product maker that offers women two days off during their period.
  • IndustryARC – It is a Hyderabad-based market research and consulting firm that allows women one or two days of paid leaves during their menstrual cycle.
  • Zomato – It is a Gurugram-based food delivery company that allows its female staff members to take 10 days of paid leaves in a year during their period.
  • Byju’s – It is India’s leading education app that grants women 12 period leaves in a year.

  • In conclusion, it would be best to openly address issues and talks related to menstruation as it is a natural biological phenomenon. The notion of women being on their period should be normalized. Everyone should show empathy and respect for the changes that a woman is going through.
    Following the footsteps of the above mentioned companies, we look forward to more Indian and international companies offering paid leaves to women during their menstrual cycle to ensure their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
    Source: IndiaTimes

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