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Dr. Harshita Sharma, Founder Director, Brainstorm International, Emphasizes on Importance of Mental Health

“We know that if students are happy, if the teachers are happy, your school will be happy” said Dr. Harshita Sharma, Founder Director, Brainstorm International at ArdorComm New Normal- Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023” held in Pune, Maharashtra on 24th November 2023.

How do you cope up with the busy schedule of yours and take care of your physical and mental well-being?

So it’s all about that when you talk about balance and we say that we can balance both personal and professional life, it is not easy so it’s what you need to take care of it is your emotional well-being first and if that is taken care of I think you can manage all the things. So, as a lot of work for your inner self I would say will be emotional will be keeping yourself come and recharging your day with the beginning which is very important with the gratitude and a lot of self-inner work which helps and I think that is important for each and every one and that gives a day ahead head start and that’s where my day begins and a lot of reflection by the end of the day which is very important every single day and once you have that reflection and how can I about that part the next day which is very important and always surrounded by positive people creating that positive energy which is very very important.

Can you highlight a little bit about Brainstorm International?

Brainstorm International has been empowering teachers by transforming schools, by training through training and the maintain which is there so we know that the teachers are the important stakeholders and the emotional will of teachers is very important we do have literacy lessons that we have for the teachers but apart from that we also have  the emotional lessons for the teachers. So, we  combine both the things with the balanced approach with mindful classroom management strategies and how we can raise the standard of literacy in line with NCF which is taken care of so that we can build a strong foundation, literacy skills and also raise the resilient confident communicators which is very important because we know that if students are happy, if the teachers are happy, your school will be happy and that’s where we need to bring in that channel because along with the Academy part in the emotional will be combined.

Any message or suggestion would you like to give to ArdorComm Media, which has recently completed its 2 years journey?

ArdorComm Media, you are doing just a fabulous job keep doing that and I think we wish you all the best and will see you in the next international market soon the regional sessions are happening very well you have a good line of speakers always and a lot of insightful  and perfect session. So,  heartiest congratulation all of you and Chandan ji I have seen your journey during the COVID, the way you have come out I think that is something is holding you very strong that what is that you want to give back to the society. I can see that passion in you and the entire team the way you deliver and the way you connect to the people it’s just amazing. So a wonderful platform for all of us educators I think they all come together and have an amazing insight  sharing and learning session which is also important for all educators like because we do need that kind of push and motivation all the time and I think it’s all thanks to the entire team of ArdorComm, best of luck I am sure you will all rock and you will reach the greater height soon.

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