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Dr. Pranati Tilak, Trustee, Chairman- Executive Council, TMV & Chairman, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyalaya, Emphasizes on Technology Implementation in Education

“The important aspect that I like the most about this event is that you have involved right from school educators to high education educationist” said Dr. Pranati Tilak, Trustee, Chairman- Executive Council, TMV & Chairman, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyalaya at ArdorComm New Normal- Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023” held in Pune, Maharashtra on 24th November 2023.

We are talking so much about skilling any initiative under your leadership on skilling that your institute is taking?

Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth has been deemed to be a university we’ve got colleges as well and we run school as well. Now NEP has been implemented across higher education. Skills and promoting technical skills are an integral part of the policy. We have inculcated those in the curriculum and higher education level. At the school level, I like to emphasize the abilities of the students more on the life skills and the emotional ability as well because I feel that the need of the hour now is not just academic knowledge but also co-curricular activities, sports is an important aspect but at the same time, children need to know about life skills and emotional balance as well as how to deal with situations when things don’t go their way because they’re going to face a lot of competition going ahead and they also have a lot of information and exposure via social media as well. So how do they deal with and process it positively? All these concern needs to be addressed I feel right from the school level as well.

Many organizations are now implementing technological services that help in running their process smoothly. have you implemented any of these and how it is helping you?

We do have an in-house recording studio and we have been implementing online lectures so right from the time I joined TMV we have been working on online examinations for the past 16 years. So we have been implementing that way before any other institute has done that and because of the lockdown, we were all forced to move to the digital platform so like I said we do have an online recording studio. So we’ve recorded online lectures which are available for the students. Nowadays we can’t process or function without LMS as so those are the things we do have in place. Digital boards are some of the tools that are helping students in higher education as well as school level. At the school level, I think it is much more important because in school the attention span of students is much less as compared to children who are older. So the positive intervention of digital technology is very important in the school level.

With such a rich legacy and you being in a responsible position as an educator, would you like to tell us how your group is contributing towards spreading education?

As I mentioned earlier Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth runs a school as well as it is involved in higher education as well. So KG to Ph.D. is the dream we’ve seen for the organisation and slowly we are realising it as well now. And we must keep in touch with the times because what the industry requires is what the education institute is required to provide. So bridging the industry-academia gap is very important so those are the kind of facility the exposure that we give to students at the same time what does our country stands for or how are we different from other cultures so most of the time students get glamour struck they want to duplicate whatever is going on in the western country but we have such a beautiful culture and rich heritage for which I’m privileged I am privileged to be a part of the family wherein Lok Manya Tilak did fight for our country his entire life that’s what his  life aim was so that aspect somewhere is getting lost and that is something that at all level we especially from the school level itself we do put in that aspects we kind of try to achieve a blend between traditional and modern education as well so while the facilities what the infrastructure is very modern we do stick to our core values wherein we give the students the solid grounding the roots that they require to fly high.


What was the takeaway from today’s event?

So brilliant event today the interaction between  the panel I was part of as well so the given take was so qualitative it was not just for the hack of you know we have come from a panel discussion let me just say update and keep quiet everybody was so involved and so was the audience so I think whenever you attend any event even if it’s a speaker or in the capacity of a noted speaker what is important is what do you take away as well because you expect a little bit of learning from every event and it’s a beautiful way of Bond bonding the community and the important aspect that I like the most about this event is that you have involved right from school educators to high education educationist as well what happens is like emphasize again and again things need to start at the grass fruit level things need to start from the school level so the input that everybody gets from hair if they are implemented in school at that early age I think that the most beautiful aspect that you have done in the Summit.

We are proud to say that we have recently completed two years of existence and we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary, any messages or suggestions for ArdorComm Media?

You are doing great work and like you mentioned earlier you aspire to go International as well. I hope that I see that very soon and Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth will be supporting you in your future endeavours.

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