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Uttarakhand’s Aromatic Valleys Project Set to Blossom, Promising 70,000 Jobs for Farmers

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has announced the development of six Aromatic Valleys in the Himalayan state. This ambitious project aims to generate more than 70,000 employment opportunities through medicinal farming, marking a crucial step towards sustainable economic growth for the region.

The six Aroma Valleys are strategically designed to benefit over 37,000 farmers, providing them with an alternative and lucrative avenue for cultivation. The aromatic plants to be grown, such as Damask rose, lemongrass, and Japanese mint, are expected to not only yield higher profits for farmers but also mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. The intense fragrance of these aromatic crops is anticipated to divert animals like monkeys, bears, sheeps, and elephants away from traditional crop fields, reducing crop raiding incidents.

Chief Minister Dhami highlighted the dual purpose of the Aroma Valleys project, emphasizing its role in promoting aromatic and medicinal farming while contributing to the welfare of farmers. Aromatic farming is poised to offer higher returns compared to conventional crops like wheat and pulses. The demand for aromatic products, particularly in the luxury segment, presents an economic opportunity for farmers to tap into.

The Himalayan states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, with their favorable geography and climatic conditions, have emerged as hotspots for aromatic start-ups. The upper regions, in particular, provide an ideal environment for cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants, transforming the sector into a potential hub for Agri-tech enterprises.

Uttarakhand’s commitment to the aromatic sector is underscored by the establishment of India’s first Aroma Park in Kashipur. Chief Minister Dhami, during the groundbreaking ceremony in June, highlighted the government’s efforts, including the establishment of a dedicated institution, the ‘Aromatic Plant Center’ (CAP), for the development of the aromatic sector at the state level.

The Aroma Park Policy, 2018, embraced by the Uttarakhand government, reflects its dedication to fostering the aromatic sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in December 2021, laid the foundation stone for 46 aroma and perfumery industries in the Kashipur industrial area, further signaling the government’s commitment to the growth of this promising industry.

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