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Dr. Sandeep Tomar
Dr. Sandeep Tomar

Dr. Sandeep Tomar, Registrar, Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur speaks about the university

“We are running 11 schools right now starting from the manufacturing, electrical, renewable energy and automobile,” says Dr. Sandeep Tomar, Registrar, Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur, Rajasthan in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

Would like to understand and know more about Bhartiya Skill Development University?

Bhartiya Skill Development University is a totally different type of University you can say this is not a conventional one, it is based on skill education and it is a great platform for the youth of India just to understand how we can have a real education system because every time we are talking about a gap that the industries are saying the youth from the conventional industry after the graduation or the post-graduation they are not employable. So, there is a big gap every time we are talking there is a big gap in the industry and the academia, so several things happen but still the industries are in the same sake that there is a big gap and what this big gap can be filled by is through the skill education I think, because if you’re asking that in the foreign countries like Germany, Japan and everywhere they have a more than 60 to 70 percent of the Skill education, but in India it is hardly five to ten percent. Even Prime Minister Modi also emphasizes that we have some skill education as India is going to be the next youth country for that we need skilled manpower everywhere. So, that’s why this University is totally a different setup and we can say in the starting of 2017 only with the vision of Swiss industrialist who was associated with Rajasthan, Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Foundation. This is the foundation and we have a Swiss dual system of the education, so we are running the B. Voc. and M. Voc. courses in our University and B. Voc. is a three-year degree course and M. Voc. is of two-year degree course. So, the uniqueness of this course is that in B. Voc. alternate semester students are sent for the industrial training. So, in the first semester if they are on a campus the second semester they will spend in the industry then again third semester they will be here at the campus fourth semester like this alternate. So, you can see in a three-year degree course they will have a one and a half year of industrial experience and the course is designed in such a way, that it focuses on the industry need. So, this is one of the kinds of education, within a three year the student is ready directly as a skilled Manpower for the industries. So, we are running 11 schools right now starting from the manufacturing, electrical, renewable energy and automobile. It is now the time to change the mindset of students and parents because in conventional if you are asking me that most of the universities are talking about the computer science only rest of the core branches are going down. But the need of the hour or the future of the universities are lying in somehow with the skill education. So, even the government is doing every state government is trying to start something for this skill, National Skill Development Council. Many efforts are taken by every state government but the university is a role model for all the new universities those are coming in the states and most of the people are visiting the BSDU first and they are just trying to set up their University in their state and the second most important thing is how to connect with the industry even we are running the courses for the training of the trainers which we call the TOT programs. So, in the TOT programs most of the universities are saying or even you can say that most of the industries want that their employees should be upscaled on that one. So, for the upskilling or you can say that an education system most of the ITs they are running right now the employees also need to be upskilled on that one. So, this program is uniquely designed for as per the requirement of the industry and as per the requirement of the educational institution. So, right now if we are talking that BSDU have a good connection of all the type of the industries and we are running the courses for the JCB and for Hilti and for Mazak they are the big companies, so their employees are coming to the university and they have a one month to three-month courses for them. So, first they will be trained here and they are just going back to the plant after that one so Mazak is a Japanese company which is going to have the plant here in India and they are they are recruiting the employee first one and a half month they spent here in BSDU and the one half month in the Japan and then they will go to the plant like that in the same way the Hilti is doing that well so Hilti is coming with a big plant in Gujarat and they are going to recruit the people so the people first they recruited they will send to the BSDU for one and a half month and later on they will just join the plant so like that this good industry connect is required.

How does certain forums help as overall education community where we see the technology partners, startup companies, academicians, educators, even some of the representations from the government?

As the execution system is going to completely change now, we have seen the two years was too bad for everybody but somehow this is just a new learning for that one. This covid time every time we are thinking how the education system will survive but these are the solutions which we are talking today these are the solutions and they will stay for the long time now because the online is just now like a hybrid system for education now. So, you cannot avoid the online education so this will be the part of that funding, so all the platforms and all the software, all this what we are talking today, out in the New Normal so that will remain the part of that one and this will be helpful for the new generation. As we were talking about the future so the future generation is just now on the digital platform and how we can help out in a good way for the digital so that will be played a big role in that one.

I’m happy to share that we recently celebrated our one year of existence, any message would you like to give to ArdorComm Media?

ArdorComm Media is doing a good job, I think we have seen your all the other videos so many speakers were there and somehow, it’s a great start for you and keep going on. Provide such a platform for all the educationists and even you can just inquire about some new Industries for how this gap every time we are talking can be filled. So, if you can involve the youth in that one because we all the educationalists, technocrats are discussing about that but what is the requirement from the youth side if that view can be added then we can discuss more on that one.

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