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Prof Dr. Ankit Gandhi
Prof Dr. Ankit Gandhi

Prof Dr. Ankit Gandhi, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology, Jaipur highlights the importance of EdTech collaboration with universities

“It is playing a very vital role and it is in fact transforming the education scenario and giving a great learning experience as well for the students,” says Prof Dr. Ankit Gandhi, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology, Jaipur in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

We welcome you at today’s forum Dr Ankit.

Thank you so much, I am Dr Ankit Gandhi and I am working as a pro Vice Chancellor with University of Technology, it is a new University I would rather say we started functioning in 2017, though the group which is supporting our University that is into education domain for the last 46 years but the university is the latest venture and it started functioning in 2017 with the name of University of Technology.

Would you like to highlight a bit more about your University, how many students are there and what special initiatives in technology which your University is doing?

Currently we are running in the University, we call different schools, so we currently have eight different schools in our University, alphabetically I’ll come to, number one is School of Agriculture this is the first and we are a university wherein students who are admitted in agriculture courses that we are running is BSC in agriculture MSC and PhD courses and they are all admitted through JET this is joint entrance examination which is conducted by a state university for agriculture admissions. The second is we have School of Commerce and Management wherein we are running BCom and MBA programs so we have commerce and management at both undergraduate, postgraduate and at PhD level. Third we have School of Engineering and Technology wherein we are running a BTech, MTech and PhD program, fourth we have School of Law in which we are running BALLB, LLB and another program. Next, we have we call it Department because we have got two faculties or two different schools for the pharmacy so we have Department of Pharmacy with an intake of 60 student and another we have started with this academic year with the name of Faculty of Pharmacy with department of Pharmacy we are offering BPharm courses and with faculty of Pharmacy we are offering Pharmacy courses. We have School of Humanities and Social Sciences wherein we are offering BA, MA and Library Sciences courses. We have very recently added School of Education and we have started courses in special education so we are offering special education courses mainly into HI and last but not the least we have Department of Vocational Studies wherein we are offering BVoc and MVoc courses. So, these are the eight different schools wherein we are offering a right from undergraduate to PHD programs.

How does the EdTech collaboration helps in making a digital infrastructure of your University?

When we talk about EdTech collaboration so this education technology plays a very crucial role both into academics and into administration. For academics in our University as well we have got a collaboration with certain EdTech companies that helps in delivering us a wonderful content and that is delivered in a way which is very student friendly, they learn the things in a way which is like we generally say it for KG students in the fun loving activity, so in a mode of animation and some sort of a dynamics that they play, students are able to learn more and more things in their classroom at the same time as I mentioned we use this EdTech collaboration into administration as well so for ERP implementation, for admissions and even we are in a conversation with EdTech company for digitalizing our degrees and diploma as well using the blockchain technology. So, that is into administration part, so whether it is education or it is administration in both part we are taking help from the EdTech collaboration and it is playing a very vital role and it is in fact transforming the education scenario and giving a great learning experience as well for the students.

What are the takeaways of this forum for you?

Great, it has been a wonderful opportunity and thank you so much to the organizers for giving this platform to all the conglomerate of education industry to this platform. Rajasthan and especially Jaipur is a hub of Education institutions but still maybe for certain conventional reasons professors they generally do not move out of this place. So, I think this platform is going to give a great opportunity for the professors and the leaders of the universities as well so that they can collaborate with these companies and pass on the benefit of this collaboration to the one who is at the bottom of this pyramid, that is students so they can all be benefited by this collaboration.

Any message for ArdorComm Media Group?

I would like to say thank you so much Chandan ji for this wonderful platform that you have provided and the simple message is please keep organizing these sorts of events in future and we look forward to meeting you once again.


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