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Physics Wallah to expand its workforce by 2500 across verticals

At a time when other edtech firms are significantly cutting back on staff, Physics Wallah, the unicorn edtech company, is hiring. Over the following two months, the company plans to add around 2,500 more employees to its workforce. It seeks faculty members, teachers, consultants, business analysts, data analysts, operations managers, and batch managers.

In accordance with its growth plans and objectives, the company is apparently hiring for a variety of roles and responsibilities. The company is looking for individuals who share PW’s vision of offering “affordable and quality education for all” and who can be a student’s lifelong learning partner. In an effort to broaden its upskilling offerings, the Company recently acquired iNeuron, an edtech company with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, in a deal worth Rs 250 crore.

With a workforce of 6,500 employees, including more than 2000 teachers and subject experts, PW dodged downsizing like many other edtech companies. To strengthen its supply chain operations, the edtech platform has partnered with Unicommerce to deliver study materials.

PW, which caters students of class 6 to 12, also provides materials for students hoping to take competitive exams like the NEET and JEE. Thousands of students throughout India rely on its content and study materials.

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