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Drastic Rise in Dengue Cases in Delhi, Centre Extends Help

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Delhi: While Delhi is suffering from an extreme wave of air toxicity, the Dengue epidemic seems to get worse. The city is now witnessing an alarming rise in Dengue cases. In light of the current situation, Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has ensured the people that the situation will improve in some days as the weather changes.

According to health experts, the number of Dengue cases have increased this year as compared to last year because. In 2020, the spread of Dengue was less due to people being vigilant under the COVID-19 restrictions. Based on the recent civic report, the number of Dengue cases in Delhi has reached to 7,100 this year.

The key observations of the civic report are:

  • Out of the total 7,100 dengue cases, 5,600 alone were reported in the month of November.
  • The cases have risen drastically in the national capital making the situation for the people worse.
  • On November 15, the city recorded a wave of fresh 5,277 cases. The rise has been a record high since 2015.
  • For the past one week, the capital has recorded a total of 1,850 fresh Dengue cases.

The High Court has issued a notice to the Delhi government and the North Delhi Municipal Corporation regarding the action plan against the Dengue outbreak in the national capital. The Centre has dispatched high-level support teams to help monitor public-measures and to control the outbreak.

Source: Financial Express


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