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DU releases new admission process via common seat allocation system

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In order to be considered for admission to Delhi University this year, applicants must prioritise their choices of institutions and programmes on a Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS).

The admissions procedure, developed by a Standing Committee for admissions this year, was accepted by Delhi University’s Academic Council on Wednesday. The Common University Entrance Examination (CUET) scores will be used to determine admissions.

There will be three stages to the admissions procedure. Aspirants must complete an application form in CSAS in the first step. They will choose their preferred courses and colleges in the second phase, and the third part will comprise seat distribution and final acceptance based on a merit list.

The results of the class XII board exam will be used as a tie-breaker if two students with the same score are tied for a seat. If there is still a tie, the older candidate will be chosen. The CUET is being held for the first time for admission to Central universities.

In the past, admittance was determined only by class XII grades. Since many colleges end up admitting more applicants than there are seats available since the university is required to admit all candidates who meet the cut-off, DU had been considering admission based on entrance exams for a long time.

The whole application procedure will be carried out online. DU will start a Common Seat Allocation System, a centralised portal for undergraduate admissions to all DU colleges.

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