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DU will begin offering two 5-year LLB programmes in the upcoming academic year

From the upcoming academic year, the University of Delhi intends to launch two integrated five-year LLB programmes, a senior Delhi University official informed PTI.

The official identified these as the Bachelor of Arts-LLB and the Bachelor Business Administration/Bachelor of Commerce-LLB, adding that 102 students will initially be enrolled in each section.

In order to begin the five-year integrated LLB programmes, the institution intends to submit an application to the Bar Council of India after receiving approval from the two statutory authorities, the Academic Council and Executive Council.

The Department of Law was established in the Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi in 1924, marking the beginning of legal education in India. Up until recently, the law school offered a three-year LLB, an LLM (both full- and part-time), and a PhD in Law.

The official gave more information about the two new programmes, saying: “The Bachelor of Arts-LLB (BA-LLB) programme will offer at least three arts disciplines, such as political science, sociology, and economics, along with the courses in law, while the Bachelor Business Administration/Bachelor of Commerce-LLB (BBA/BCom-LLB) will offer various courses (papers) of commerce, management, and economics disciplines.” According to him, entrance to the new courses will be determined by the results of the Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) 2023. The official was a member of the committee established to create these courses.

Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh formed a Workload Assessment Committee in 2022 to investigate the five-year integrated LLB programmes’ implementation in terms of determining the existing workload and formulating the program’s operational guidelines. The Academic Council will meet on May 26 and will be discussing a report that the committee provided.

“Legal education institutions imparting such integrated programmes in NCT are either very expensive or lack quality or both. Therefore, access to quality legal education is a challenge for the youth. Accordingly, it was felt that the university, in its centennial year, should start five-year integrated law programmes, which shall be of a high standard and more affordable,” the official said.

The seats allocated for the programmes will be additional to the authorised seats for the Faculty of Law and will be new. The committee has recommended creating a new centre that will be a component of the Faculty of Law. The official stated, “The new centre will be given a name and a professor-in-charge will be in charge.”

The committee has recommended that these two programmes be initially operated by the current faculty members of the three law centres (LC-I, LC-II, and CLC) with regard to providing for teaching faculty. However, the committee has recommended that, “depending on the operational requirement, necessary arrangements be made by the university for the purpose of teaching in Arts and BBA/Commerce components of the programmes.”

The committee also discussed the problem of available space for the five-year integrated LLB degrees, and it was determined that sufficient space, in accordance with Bar Council of India standards, will be supplied within the current infrastructural facilities offered by the university. The two programmes will begin in a few rooms on two floors of Kanad Bhavan. According to the Bar Council’s 2008 Legal Education Rules, these rooms will be prepared, the source stated.

Source: PTI

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