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Ed-tech making its ways easy through mobile-friendly apps

In this fast-changing world, education is changing rapidly as well. Learning inside the classroom and outside the classroom, both stand with equal importance. Becoming a cherry on top several educational mobile apps are revolutionizing the study methods. Now learning is becoming way easier through games, quizzes, online live interaction as well as online assignments.

Sensing the rise and need of technological importance in education, various educational institutions are developing their educational apps. These educational apps are becoming the gateway for an educational institution to be connected to the latest Ed-Tech trends. It is letting the teachers and learners have real-time experience in educational learning. Hence not just startups but a lot of educational institutions are also investing in the educational applications development for online education. According to some researches it is said that the ed-tech funding for this decade will be at an estimate of 87 billion dollars.

While the agenda to develop an education app has been set up by people, and its importance has been realized by educational institutions. Some interesting ideas can be applied to develop simple yet profitable educational apps, for making a difference in the life of students as well as teachers.

  • AR Based educational App: When it comes to looking for the best educational apps ideas. The one that tops the list is augmented reality in the education field. This feature can be used to build a mobile app to teach and explain students in the most unique yet simplest way possible. The teacher can help their students learn through this with a real-time experience. These AR-based apps can be used by students to learn about science with a 3D vision.
  • App for the kids with disabilities: It might get difficult to give extra and solo attention to disabled kids in school or college among all other students by a teacher. Although it is still tried and attempted. An app built especially for handicapped kids can help them learn in their comfort zone. This app will help the handicapped students and teachers to fill up the lack of attention gap they could not get earlier. It will also help the handicapped kids learn from their homes in case they are unable to attend daily classes physically.
  • App for helping with exam fever: We all know very well that exam fever brings a lot of anxiety and nervousness to students. In this case, an app that can help the students to design, plan and implement study techniques in smart ways with easy time management will be a boom. This app can help students in studying more productively with a to-do list. Well-designed timetable, stress management, and smarts ways of learning.
  • Personal teacher or tutor app: Apps that can allow students and their parents to opt for teachers on their demand. Can cater to the niche requirements in the field of education. Through this unique app, the students can take the assistance of a personal tutor in the subjects they face difficulty with.
  • Education games and quizzes app: Making education fun is the best way to educate someone. While the traditional ways of education might not give a surety of total learning and total involvement. Education app that allows students to learn through games and quizzes can help students with total involvement. With that instant quizzes will help student recheck their level of learning and also boost their confidence in learning.


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