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Edtech startups changing the face of education

-By Preeti Kumari

The Covid-19 pandemic effected a lot many businesses in worse ways possible. On the other hand, a number of businesses did quite well in during this time. The edtech business was also one of them. That became the best solution possible during lockdowns.

Currently there are various edtech startups working really well in India. And there are more to come in future, looking at the demand of edtech by consumers. Few top edtech companies doing well in India are as follows:

  1. Awing Enterprises: The startup was founded in 2016. It has its head office in Bengaluru. Its s basically a gig-workforce training platform. Awig takes project for on the ground and digital core functions like auditing, new business development, operations management and more. It has a network of around 60000 training gig partners all over India.
  2. Classplus: Classplus is a Delhi based startup, which was founded in 2018. Classplus aims to digitalize the tuition system pan India. Class plus has designed a setup to let the tutor share videolectures, notes, homework, assignment through a mobile first product. It aims to ease the tutoring system with all the process going online. It does bridge the gap of education requirement with particular demands.
  3. Doubtnut: Languages are also the base to from a good career and be flexible in goals. Keeping the importance of learning languages in mind and looking at the high demand from people. Doubtnut as an edtech startup has brought up the service of language leaning tuitions online. As a special fact the company uses Machine learningalgorithms, NLP and Image recognition for its video-based solutions according to the queries that needs to be responded to students.
  4. Masai School: Masai School has developed a 3.1-million-dollar worth share into the software development market. It aims to train beginners as well as experienced professionals. This startup basically serves two types of programs. One aims to train only beginners in the field of coding. This program is designed for beginner who knows nothing about coding at all and is starting from the scratch. The second program is designed for the experienced professional in coding only to let them learn all the updated coding skills. Along with that Masai school has come up with a special scheme. Where students do not need to pay any fees until they start earning a salary up to 5lakh per Anum at least.
  5. Pesto: More or less like Masai School. Pesto aims at providing online training for developers. The online program is available for learners across India. The minimum requirement to enroll for this online program of developers is to have 2 years of related field experience.

There are a lot more edtech startups emerging and currently working well. Indian market has acquired the trend of edtech market and it seems to have bigger and better growth on supply and demand part in coming future.

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