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Engineering Students Can Opt For Other Engineering Course Through Lateral Entry: AICTE

New Delhi: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) said that, BTech students can take admission to other branches of Engineering, in addition to their main course, through lateral entry. The council said it was receiving requests from students regarding admission to an additional BTech course through lateral entry.

“The proposal was placed before the AICTE Executive Committee…and EC opined that technical universities can facilitate such students to take admission to BTech /BE by allowing them to get admission at appropriate level of BTech programme in another discipline/branch of Engineering,” the AICTE said.

The council mentioned that the students do not need to study the courses they have already studied in their first discipline when they take admission to the additional programme. “The Executive Committee approved the exemption from pursuing courses already done in the first discipline of BTech programme and such students be appropriately guided to complete other requirements of the second discipline. As there is a practical component involved, students will be required to take admission in an institution/college as a regular student and the concerned university will ensure this and make necessary provision in their statutes accordingly.”

The AICTE has also said the additional degree course will be completed in two to three years, “without compromising on the credit requirements in core discipline and attainment of learning outcomes of the new programme.” They have also asked institutions to make necessary changes to their statute and to take appropriate steps to provide additional courses to BTech students.

Source: Careers360

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