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Gender Diversity and Inclusivity In The Indian Workplace

-By AC Media Bureau

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of it s women and deprives itself of the contribution of half its citizens.”- Michelle Obama

In India, women are now found working in almost all sectors. There was a time when iconic women revolutionaries like Ahilyabai Holkar had to fight for the right to education. Luckily, we are in the 21st century where most women are encouraged to learn and educate themselves to work and become independent. 

The gender disparity in India still exists, and the number of women holding high-level positions in various fields like finance, operations, engineering, IT, research, law, etc. is still less when compared to men. 

Women are essential in the workplace to propel the growth of an organization. If given equal opportunities, women have the potential to excel in all aspects of work. 

A good company or an organization will always ensure that the organization has equality in all respects.

However, when we talk about gender diversity and inclusivity, we forget to include the LGTBQ+ in the parameters. The main topic of discussion here is that despite their identities, all humans, especially women and the LGBTQ+ community should be given equal importance and opportunities at the workplace. 

While hiring, the sole focus should be on the talent, and aspects like race, colour, caste, creed or gender shouldn’t influence your decisions. 

In India, talking about the LGBTQ+ community is still somewhat of a taboo. In the modern age, the present-day workplace should be inclusive of all genders and should focus on building new policies and prioritizing inclusiveness to make their brand stand out. This will also help in establishing your organization as a benchmark and soon, others will follow in your footsteps, making India an inclusive place for people all over the world. 

Promoting gender diversity increases productivity and teamwork. Therefore, it’s time to pledge for gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness to redefine the Indian workplace.

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