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Google Cloud Gears Up To Hire Employees With Autism

Rob Enslin, president- cloud sales, Google has announced the beginning of the Autism Career Programme which aims to develop a system that provides a fair selection process for candidates with autism who wish to apply for a job position. 

To ease the process they will work with experts from the Stanford Neurodiversity Project which is a part of Stanford School of Medicine to make this project worthy.

People with autism applying for jobs often have to go through certain difficulties in the selection process for example having face to face interviews and needing more time during them but Google Cloud has provided them with an option to extend the duration of face to face interviews or to give them via Google docs to make the process easier.

500 Managers working in Google cloud who will conduct these processes will be helped by Stanford in handling people with autism and will help in facilitating people’s interaction with their employees and new managers.

Autism is still sometimes considered a myth and autistic people often become victims of bullying and many meaningless stereotypes.

This is a very healthy and equitable process to provide equal and fair treatment and represented these communities.

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