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Times Network Moves A Step Closer Towards Achieving Worldwide Recognition By Launching 4 Channels In The US, UK And Europe On DistroTV

-By ArdorComm News Network

Times Network expanded its global trademark by launching TIMES NOW, Zoom, Times Now, Navbharat in The UK, USA and Europe in collaboration with an emerging California based media technology company, DistroScale

DistroTv is a free, ad-supported and independent platform available on an international scale that delivers world-class video content from their clients wide-ranging from different regions. 

Times Network is a part of The Times Group which is, currently one of India’s most influential and leading media conglomerates.

Established in 1838 in Mumbai, it was previously an English language-based channel that was the origin of many channels including Romedy NOW, MN+, MNX HD and news channels including Times NOW. 

Recently they launched their first Hindi language based channel called Navbharat with an impactful motto Aab Badlega Bharat, Banega Navbharat. The response received was astounding. 

Navbharat is one of the most propelling Hindi news channels. At the beginning of this channel, MK Anand specified that they are not in the race for gaining TRP instead they want to focus on giving unbiased and knowledgeable content for their audience. 

This is a clear message for evolution and change in India. The expansion of Times Network in different countries will provide ‘desi news’ content from home to Indian and foreign viewers living overseas.

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