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Ferrari Unveils Ambitious 2024 Plans: 250 New Hires, Employee Share-Ownership Program, and Enhanced Bonuses

-By ArdorComm News Network

Ferrari, the renowned luxury sports car manufacturer, has unveiled its ambitious plans for 2024, signaling a positive direction for the company. In the first half of the upcoming year, Ferrari intends to expand its workforce by hiring 250 individuals. This decision follows recent disruptions caused by worker strikes at Stellantis, GM, and Ford plants in North America between September and October. In contrast, Stellantis is streamlining its workforce in Italy through voluntary redundancy programs.

Ferrari’s initiative includes significant enhancements for its employees. The company will introduce a new share-ownership program and improved bonuses. Approximately half of the new hires are slated to join the workforce in January. Ferrari, with a predominantly Italian employee base of over 5,000, will kick off an employee share-ownership plan early in 2024, initially targeting its Italian staff.

As part of this program, every employee will be granted company shares with a maximum value of 2,065 euros ($2,208) at no cost. Those who retain the shares for a minimum of 36 months will receive additional shares, amounting to up to 15% of the initial value of the allocation. The use of treasury shares will extend this plan to encompass Ferrari employees outside Italy.

Furthermore, Ferrari has successfully negotiated an agreement with the FIM, UILM, and FISMIC unions to extend a competitiveness award program for Italian employees from 2024 to 2027. This annual competitiveness bonus may see an increase to 17,000 euros, up from 13,500 euros in 2022 and 12,000 euros in 2021.

Notably, employees will have the option to voluntarily convert a portion of their bonus into Ferrari shares, with a maximum limit of 3,000 euros. These strategic moves underscore Ferrari’s commitment to fostering a positive working environment and reinforcing its position in the luxury sports car market.

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