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Fintech startup CLXNS plans to employ over 700 people

-By ArdorComm News Network

By the end of the first quarter of FY 2023–24, CLXNS, a digital-first debt resolution platform, expects to have hired over 700 employees. Almost 160 people work with the company at the moment, about 125 of them started in April 2022. The finance startup’s workforce will increase to more than 800 workers as a result of the new recruitment.

CLXNS plans to hire people in a variety of fields, including marketing, data analytics, and product, engineering, and design. According to a statement, it is eager to hire mid-level talent with technology skills as well as seasoned professionals for critical leadership roles.

The future-looking objective of CLXNS is to develop scalable, digital-first debt resolution systems with high levels of compliance and governance, with the aid of the recently hired employees and the company’s clear focus on investing extensively in its tech capabilities.

“The current market scenario is unstable, but we strongly feel that there is no right or wrong time for hiring talent,” stated Manavjeet Singh, MD & CEO of CLXNS. “We believe India’s credit growth story has just started and is guaranteed to see a massive boom. And therefore, we foresee an enormous growth in ethical debt resolution opportunities,” he added.

“At CLXNS, our sole aim is to build a scalable, digital-first debt resolution company. Simultaneously, we wish to emerge as a talent powerhouse in the industry with expertise in tech capabilities. We are confident that with the new talent addition, we will be able to reach one step closer to our goals of expanding our footprints pan India and serving our customers better,” he stated.

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