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5G Telecom Services to be rolled out from October this year

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From October 2022 onward, 5G telecom services will be made available in India. According to Union Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. Soon after the 5G auction concludes, the government will distribute the spectrum, which will result in the launch of services in October. Speaking at a press conference in Mumbai, Vaishnaw stated.

He noted that the global rollout of 5G had been uneven and predicted that India would implement 5G considerably more quickly than many other countries. He said that if 5G service prices get too high, the government will step in and state-owned BSNL will function as a market balancer.

We anticipate that we will likely defy the trend and have a considerably faster rollout of 5G compared to many other regions, he said, adding that the global implementation of 5G has been slow. This is because our other costs are significantly under control.

Vaishnaw stated that as of Saturday, the government has received 1.49 lakh crore rupees from the sale of 5G spectrum and expressed optimism that this figure will surpass 1.5 lakh crore rupees.

Regarding the cost of 5G services, the average cost of telecom services worldwide is $2,400 [per month], compared to about $200 in India. “Data cost is lowest in India in the world,” he stated without specifying a number.

The success of the 5G spectrum auction indicates that the sector is booming, and the results are very good, he says.

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