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Prof. Ashok Banerjee is appointed as the new director of IIM-Udaipur

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Prof. Ashok Banerjee has been appointed as the new director of IIM Udaipur as of today. IIM Calcutta faculty member Prof. Banerjee succeeds Prof. Janat Shah, who has led the organisation since its establishment in 2011. Prof. Banerjee is a chartered accountant who also possesses a PhD from Rajasthan University in addition to an MCom from Calcutta University.

According to a release from IIM-U, the new director has extensive expertise as a senior professor in the field of finance and control. His areas of interest for study include sentiment analysis, Fintech, and high-frequency finance. From 2012 until 2015, he served as the Dean of New Initiatives and External Relations at IIM Calcutta. He worked as a professor at IIM Lucknow before moving on to IIM Calcutta.

On the boards of companies in the financial and technology sectors, he also serves as an independent director. IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, which is recognised by the Department of Science & Technology as a Technology Business Incubator, was established at IIM Calcutta during Prof. Banerjee’s tenure as Dean.

The Financial Research and Trading Laboratory of IIM Calcutta was established by Prof. Banerjee, who also served as its coordinator. At IIM Calcutta, he played a key role in launching the International Finance Conference in 2009. Now known as the India Finance Conference, it is jointly put on by IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Ahmedabad.

Following the completion of Prof. Janat Shah’s second term, Prof. Banerjee was appointed. He was in charge for 11 years in all, starting with the first term and continuing for an additional year in between. IIM Udaipur has become a highly regarded and recognised institution under Prof. Shah’s leadership.

The fourth IIM and youngest B-School to receive ACCSB or EQUIS accreditation was IIM Udaipur. In 2021, it became the youngest B-School in Asia and only the third IIM to be ranked in the prestigious FT Global Top 100 MIM Rankings for a third consecutive year.

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