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Google lifts social distancing and testing mandates for US employees

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Google has relaxed a number of its COVID-19 measures and protocols associated with vaccination, testing and social distancing for its US employees. in a mail written to San Francisco Bay Area employees, David Radcliffe, VP, Google land and Workplace Services said that the corporate has decided to relax a number of the testing and vaccination policies introduced during the pandemic.

Now Google doesn’t require vaccination for employment in the company for US workers. In January, Google said that each employee had to go through regular testing, even the vaccinated ones. However, now this rule has been relaxed. Furthermore, some of the social-distancing norms like wearing a mask at the workplace also are relaxed for the US employees.

Employees working in cities where the caseload is high should require to wear masks, but this protocol may soon be lifted. some of the workplace perks also will return with this reversal in policy. Certain fun areas and informal gathering places at the workplace will now be open to be used Fitness centres, massage rooms, breakfast and lunch areas, lounges, game rooms, music rooms and massage chairs will now be available to be used.

Full shuttle service also will resume for US employees, reveals Radcliffe’s mail. Unvaccinated employees at Google will, however, still be required to follow social distancing and regular testing protocols. The mail also states that the company will start its 30-day transition to a hybrid workplace model, where employees are required to return to the office for 3 days in a week. Google has still not selected a date to resume offices for employees.

Source: CNBC

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