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Government aiming to map lands and solve property disputes through technology

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Under one of the biggest aerial surveys, around 500 high-resolution drones are to be used by the Government of India. This will aim to map around 6 lakh villages in India, to validate residential property for over 83 crore Indians.

This aerial survey, once completed will be helpful for citizens to map and validate their residential property in the rural regions. With this, they will be allowed to be used as a financial asset by the people. 

To map the rural lands of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Shillong to Somnath, a huge force of drone pilots will be deployed by the Survey of India (SOI) as published in Business standards. 

It is said by Sunil Kumar, the union secretary of Panchayati Raj Ministry, as the nodal agency for Implementation of these survey program, “The average times were taken by a HI-tech drone to map a village is around 15 minutes. Based on this we are expecting to complete the aerial survey of land mapping through done by March 2024”.

The pilot project of this aerial survey of drones has so far been successful in over 40,000 villages. After the mapping is done the property holder is said to be allotted a property card. The scheme is named as “Swamitwa Scheme”. 

Source: Business Standard

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