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Digitalization in healthcare making the sector touch the sky

-By Preeti Kumari


The pandemic hit the whole world very hard leaving the healthcare system to be the topmost priority of any country and society. With this, the outreach of healthcare has also become very important. Be it primary healthcare or secondary healthcare. Its reach can be accomplished very fast with digitalization. 

Various digital platforms have arrived in the market like; Arogya setu app, telemedicine portal,mapping of patients, online medical appointments booking app. Online medical consultation app, Teleconsultation, smart devices, intelligent AI-based diagnosis. All this has been proved to be a revolution in the healthcare segment.

As published in eHealthnetwork, it is being said that keeping in mind the need of healthcare facilities in every nuke and corner during the pandemic. The government of India has launched a National Digital Health Mission, to digitize healthcare records across the country. This data centralization will help the hospitals work efficiently. 

Digitalization in the health sector and data centralization will make the whole functioning of health care fast. It will allow fast inpatient treatments, the assistance of machine learning or artificial intelligence invarious treatments. It will also save time in the administrative work and make the functioning more flexible and faster.

 A lot of digitalized facilities are changing the phase of healthcare. Since these new digitalized methods have been applied to healthcare, the stigma of making healthcare a struggle has been leaving people’s minds. Especially in tier two, tier three cities, and rural areas. Where people had to first reach the health care services putting a lot at stake and no emergency facilitation was available. Digitalization is helping to bridge the gap so far so well.

  • Clinical support through video calling: Trouble in finding a doctor for your specific health issue-related needs is quite a task. Especially when the city infrastructure doesn’t have a strong healthcare base or a wide network of healthcare base. Applications like Practo, apollocircle, and many more have made this non-thinkable thing possible. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. With that one has the feasibility to consult the doctor related to specific needs through video calling. This has enabled people to find immediate health solutions with expert assistance anytime anywhere. As per ‘live video telemedicine’ usage increased to 43 percent among consumers in 2020.
  • Apps like Arogya setu are letting collect data of health on digital platforms. This data collection has allowed a fast network information system related to healthcare and provided appropriate information to users about the availability of vaccines, vaccination centers and the number of active covid cases, and much more suggestions.  As per, digital health tracking tools saw the biggest growth in 2020, rising from 42 percent adoption rates in 2019 to 52 percent in 2020. 
  •  Ever since the pandemic hit the world and made people realized what an important role a healthy body and good immunity can play. People became more aware of their health tracking status on a day-to-day basis and also started focusing more on staying fit. In this situation, fitness bands became the most bought devices by a huge population. As per the data in, wearable health-tracking tech device ownership increased from 33 percent in 2019 to 43 percent in 2020.
  • All these online medicine delivery apps and health insurance apps have also become more popular. All these new interventions through digitalization in healthcare. Has brought the whole healthcare system online. 


 All these new interventions through digitalization in healthcare, has brought the whole healthcare system online. A person today has the power to track his or her health status, check nearby hospitals, and availability of doctors with charges. Consult a doctor online anytime anywhere. Get the status of the health care situation of his or her area. Get the medical outreach and delivery anywhere. With this, the entry of Artificial intelligence and machine learning is almost eradication the high demand of the healthcare workforce so far.

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