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With electric medical records and data analysis, healthcare can do wonders

As published in the financial express, till this date 3.7 million people have died around the world. Including 353,528 from India. Alongwith that India has a doctor-patient ratio of 1:1456 whereas the world health organization recommends the ratio to 1:1000. As the status of the healthcare system remains very vulnerable. The electric medical records system can be very helpful in maintaining the health sector.

EMR system is a digital form of all the data which was earlier saved on paper. Now information like Medical and treatment history of a patient, patient history diagnosis, their lab test results details of immunization and other health-related information. This data collection will eliminate the time wastage in the administrative work. It will also enable the patient’s treatment with a faster speed. As the doctor handling the patient will all the past health-related records are readily available in a fraction of seconds. It will help the treatment to be on the mark and without any confusion or delay and understanding various aspects of a health condition.  Also, a doctor will have the flexibility to examine and get down to conclude any allergies a particular patient can have. And prescribe medication for the same on the spot.  

EMR system will not only maintain all the health-related data but will also help the patient to take by providing a follow-up update and self-care advice. It will also encourage letting the family health data uploaded and can provide related information or required healthcare-related steps to the patient.

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