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Government employees must buy the cheapest travel ticket to apply for LTC

-By ArdorComm News Network

According to the 7th Pay Commission, central government employees will need to adhere to new regulations in order to receive leave travel concessions, or LTC.

Government employees must now purchase the least expensive ticket in order to be eligible for reimbursement, according to the Ministry of Finance. Additionally, they must reserve the single ticket from an authorised travel agent, and that too at least three weeks beforehand. Employees have been instructed not to cancel tickets.

According to, Bomer Lawrie & Company, Ashok Travels, and IRCTC are the authorised agencies. Employees are not required to pay these agencies any fees.

Employees must provide the reasons for the cancellation of the tickets within 72 hours if there are circumstances that make it impossible for them to do otherwise. If the government approves the increase in fitment factor, some wage modifications are also possible for government employees.

For a while now, employee unions have been calling for an increase in the fitment factor. The demand is to raise it to 3.68 percent from its current 2.57 percent level. The minimum salary will increase by 8,000 rupees, to 26,000, if the increase is approved.

Employees can anticipate a dearness allowance (DA) of over 34% if the dearness allowance is also increased, which it is most likely to do.

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