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Hirect fires 40% of its employees as part of strategic changes

-By ArdorComm News Network

Hirect, a chat-based direct-hiring platform for startups, has laid off 40% of its workforce as part of organisational restructuring and strategic changes to its business model. That means the startup is laying off over 200 staff. Hirect is a platform that enables recruiters to employ candidates through the app’s audio and video calling features. It focuses on high-growth startups and small companies, finding the best talent without the use of consultants.

The Company, which mostly serves the startup sector, appears to be suffering from a slowdown in new hires. According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, there are approximately 472 employees. According to Mint, the Bengaluru and San Francisco-based company employed over 600 people at its peak. Three of the impacted employees were reportedly requested to leave in mid-October, but they have yet to receive their release letters.

According to these individuals, management did not meet its commitments and did not provide severance pay or job-search aid. Furthermore, prior to the layoff, the employees were asked to relocate to the Bengaluru office. Meanwhile, management has stated that its first objective is to settle employee dues.

Hirect aggressively marketed in Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune last year, at a time when hiring, particularly for tech-related positions, was a hot topic in the start-up world. To expand its reach, the chat-based direct-hiring platform partnered with major brands and multinational companies in July. Hirect initially catered primarily to startups, but the company later redesigned its website ( in an entirely new format to provide a better user experience.

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