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IDFC First Bank Shareholders Approve Merger with IDFC Ltd

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IDFC First Bank shareholders have approved the merger of IDFC Limited with the bank, marking a significant step in the amalgamation process. The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) convened a meeting on May 17, 2024, to consider and approve the composite scheme of amalgamation involving IDFC Financial Holding Company merging into IDFC Limited, and subsequently, IDFC Limited merging into IDFC First Bank.

In the approved reverse merger scheme, IDFC shareholders will receive 155 shares of IDFC First Bank for every 100 shares they hold in IDFC Limited. Both IDFC Ltd and IDFC First Bank shares have a face value of ₹10 each.

The resolution was passed by the requisite majority, with over three-fourths in value of the equity shareholders voting in favor. Additionally, the scheme received overwhelming support from Non-Convertible Debenture (NCD) holders, with 99.99% voting in favor through remote e-voting and e-voting during the meeting.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had already given its nod for the reverse merger in December 2023. The merger was initially approved by the boards of IDFC Financial Holding Co. Ltd, IDFC Ltd, and IDFC First Bank in July 2023.

Following the announcement, IDFC First Bank shares ended 0.26% higher at ₹77.44 apiece on the BSE on Saturday.

This merger aims to streamline the corporate structure and enhance the operational efficiencies of the entities involved, potentially leading to better value creation for shareholders.

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