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IIT Bombay and Google Cloud India Collaborate to Create ‘Google Cloud Chair’ to Elevate Generative AI Research and Development

IIT Bombay and Google Cloud India have come together to establish a prestigious Chair Professorship dedicated to advancing research in the field of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). This esteemed position will be known as the ‘Google Cloud Chair.’

Endowed professorships, like this Chair, hold a significant place in the academic world, signifying a high honour. The establishment of this endowed Chair Professorship will provide substantial support for academic research and foster stronger collaborations between academia and industry, as stated by IIT-Bombay.

The appointed Chair Professor is expected to play a pivotal role by introducing new academic courses, strengthening existing ones, engaging in collaborative initiatives with Google Cloud, and offering academic and technical leadership within their respective field. The impact of the Chair Professorship will be measured jointly by IIT Bombay and Google Cloud, with agreed-upon indicators.

Professor Subhasis Chaudhuri, the Director of IIT Bombay, expressed the importance of such Chairs in attracting top-tier students, researchers, and educators, ultimately nurturing future leaders and innovators.

Anil Bhansali, VP Engineering and Head of India Development Centre at Google Cloud, emphasized their objective of providing leadership in the realm of Generative AI, guiding Research and Development programs supported by government entities and industry stakeholders.

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