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IIT Bombay plans to introduce mandatory course on caste awareness

A mandatory course on caste awareness will soon be offered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay. Sensitization can be a tool for inclusivity on campus, according to the initiative taken by the institute’s SC/ST Cell.

It seems that the cell recently carried out some surveys to learn more about the difficulties pupils encounter because of caste.

According to the surveys, it is necessary to have more activities aimed at raising awareness as well as to offer a required academic course on caste and racial discrimination, comparable to the required course on gender sensitization that was introduced last year.

The caste awareness course’s content is being discussed for implementation. Bharat Adsul, a professor at the department of computer science and engineering, serves as the convener of the SC/ST cell, and Madhu N Belur, a professor in the department of electrical engineering, serves as the co-convener.

The cell held a discussion session on caste-related challenges and their causes, which was a first of its kind. Different viewpoints were shared by the roughly 100 participants. Some of them emphasised how case-based insults regarding seat reservations undermined students’ self-confidence¬†and caused them to question their skills and abilities.

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