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IIT Kanpur to Host Udghosh 2023 Sports Festival, Featuring National School Quiz

IIT Kanpur is preparing for its annual sports festival, Udghosh 2023, and to make it more accessible to school students, the institute has introduced the Udghosh National Open School Quiz (UNOSQ) for students in grades 5 to 12.

The competition consists of two phases, where participants will need to demonstrate their logical thinking, problem-solving skills, general knowledge, and sports acumen. The quiz is segmented into four categories to cater to different age groups: Pool A for younger students (grades 5 and 6), Pool B for emerging talents (grades 7 and 8), Pool C for champions (grades 9 and 10), and Pool D for pioneers (grades 11 and 12).

In the first phase, participants will engage in intellectual challenges, featuring a mix of logic, aptitude, problem-solving, general awareness, and sports knowledge. It promises to be a mental adventure that sharpens thinking skills. The first phase is scheduled for August 27.

The second phase, set for September 3, is exclusively for the top 100 students. It will present even more demanding questions to test participants’ mettle and knowledge.

The UNOSQ will conclude on September 7, with the final winners announced on that day. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend interactive sessions with industry experts and thought leaders. A felicitation ceremony is planned at IIT Kanpur on October 8 as part of the closing celebrations for Udghosh 2023. Winners will receive prizes worth over Rs 50,000, along with various merchandise and goodies.

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