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News on Health 21st Oct 2022 ArdorComm Media Group India will soon become a global hub of medical tourism: Dr Mandaviya
News on Health 21st Oct 2022 ArdorComm Media Group India will soon become a global hub of medical tourism: Dr Mandaviya

India will soon become a global hub of medical tourism: Dr Mandaviya

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At a ceremony in Ahmednagar, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, the union minister of health and welfare, officially opened a number of health infrastructure projects. The Dr. Vikhe Patil Nuclear Medicine Center is one of the initiatives, along with three primary healthcare centres (PHCs) in Ahmednagar that were virtually inaugurated.

India is moving toward a prosperous and healthy future, according to the health minister, due to investments in health infrastructure. Dr. Mandaviya formally inaugurated construction on the main building and staff quarters, which were expected to cost Rs. 702 lakh. The main building and staff quarters of the PHC in Kharda, which are expected to cost Rs 560 lakh, and the main building of the PHC in Padhegaon, which is expected to cost around Rs 214 lakh, were both inaugurated by the health minister.

The Dr. Vikhe Patil Nuclear Medicine Centre is equipped with resources for both cancer diagnosis and treatment. The facility, which will serve residents of Ahmednagar, Beed, Nashik, Aurangabad, Solapur, and nearby Pune districts, is the first of its sort in the district.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Mandaviya noted that because only a healthy population can contribute to the nation’s progress, the government has linked health and development. “The focus needs to be on wellness as well as treatment. the Union Minister of Health said. We must take steps to prevent illnesses from ever occurring in our society. The government has been emphasising health and wellness centres for this reason. The Minister also mentioned the need for any policy to be proactive. Along with expanding medical facilities, the government is also boosting the number of medical schools and MBBS seats.

He went on to say that by the time the nation’s young people graduate from medical schools, the nation will have developed into a centre for medical tourism, treating patients from all over the globe. Seeking the wellbeing of everyone has been the guiding principle of India’s worldview. Dr. Mandaviya noted that roughly three out of every ten scientists and research scholars worldwide are Indian when discussing the Government of India’s research policy.

He said that regardless of whether they are from a private or public institution, the government’s research policy is to encourage and support talented youth who want to pursue new research ideas. According to Dr. Mandaviya, India wants to lead the world in innovation and research. In a virtual address to the audience, Anna Hazare thanked the Indian government for building Ahmednagar’s health infrastructure, especially the village of Ralegan Siddhi.

The National Health Mission has completed projects worth Rs 1347 lakh in the Ahmednagar district during the last two years, according to Dr. Sujay Vikhe Patil, Member of Parliament for Ahmednagar and Trustee of the Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation. The area is expected to see the completion of a number of health infrastructure projects totaling more than Rs 47 crore during the next year, according to him as well.

Additionally, present at the ceremony were Dr. Sadashiv Lokhande, Member of Parliament for Shirdi Constituency, Dr. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, Minister of Revenue, Animal Husbandry, and Dairy Development for Maharashtra.

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