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Indian Army’s HR Policy Shifts Focus to Specialisation, Colonel Prasad Bansod Leads the Way

The Indian Army has ushered in a new era of specialisation with its revamped Human Resource (HR) policy, effective from January 1, 2024, aiming to retain expertise in critical fields. Under this policy, officers above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel are now permitted to continue working in specialized domains rather than transitioning to command positions, marking a significant departure from previous norms.

Previously, the promotion to Colonel often necessitated officers to assume command roles, leading to a loss of specialized skills in fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), space technology, Information Technology (IT), nanotechnology, robotics, and weapons design. However, the new policy aims to retain specialist officers, bolstering the Army’s capabilities in emerging domains.

In a landmark development, Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Bansod emerged as the first beneficiary of this policy shift, securing promotion to the rank of Colonel while serving on deputation with the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s (DRDO) small arms laboratory. Bansod’s expertise in weapon design culminated in the development of the ‘Asmi,’ a 9 mm carbine currently undergoing limited series production.

Bansod’s promotion underscores the Army’s commitment to recognizing and harnessing specialist talent, enabling officers to pursue their areas of expertise without compromising on career advancement. His promotion signals a departure from the conventional trajectory, allowing officers to contribute significantly to technological advancements and defense capabilities.

The ‘Asmi’ carbine, developed by Bansod, holds immense potential in modernizing the Army’s arsenal and bolstering India’s defense capabilities. With the capacity to potentially replace outdated firearms and facilitate defense exports, the carbine represents a significant leap in indigenous weapon development.

Bansod’s elevation sets a precedent for other officers to pursue specialization, ensuring that the Army remains at the forefront of technological innovation and operational excellence. The HR policy overhaul aligns with the evolving needs of modern warfare, empowering officers to leverage their expertise for strategic advantage.

As the Indian Army embraces a culture of specialization, Colonel Prasad Bansod’s pioneering journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring officers and underscores the Army’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in defense.

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