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Indian Athletes At Tokyo Olympics To Get Free Healthcare Services For Lifetime.

New Delhi: For our sportsmen who are making our nation proud at the Tokyo Olympics, a multi-specialty healthcare startup has announced free healthcare services to all 127 Indian athletes competing at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The athletes may avail any surgical treatment from about 50 surgeries free of cost for life. These include surgical services related to Sports Orthopaedics, Proctology, Urology, Laparoscopy, Vascular, Ophthalmology and more.

A sportsperson often avails medical services in Sports Orthopaedics, Proctology, Urology, Ophthalmology etc. Glamyo Health, with a network of over 200 hospitals across 9 cities, specialises in these services with a team of surgeons and a network of hospitals. The company says it has put a dedicated team in place to coordinate and execute the free healthcare scheme.

“Today when Indian athletes have made us proud, we take this opportunity to thank them for their exceptional performance and contribution on the international level and are pleased to provide them our surgical services for free,” said Archit Garg, Co-founder, Glamyo Health.

Glamyo, whose services will not be limited to Olympic medallists, it will be for all 127 Indian athletes, has already served 12,500+ patients and works with 150+ highly qualified surgeons. The healthcare provider further plans to expand its presence to 20 cities and have over 250 hospitals in its network by the end of the year 2021. With this help for our athletes, the brand will surely aid in their much-needed medical requirements.

Source: India TV

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