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Amity University

India’s first AI professor is launched by Amity University Online

Professor AMI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Professor for online higher education, has been launched by Amity University Online.

According to a press release, Professor AMI, which is powered by Chat-GPT-4 and Open AI-driven technology, is intended to give every Amity Online student a cutting-edge, customised learning experience based on their strengths, areas for improvement, and learning preferences. According to the release, the virtual professor may offer lectures that have been captured on video and is set up to react to most questions about academics and learning management systems. It also claims to provide students with 24/7 chat assistance.

According to the release, Professor AMI helps everyone involved, from the institution to the learner, by enhancing student satisfaction, improved learning outcomes, raising completion rates, and enhancing efficiencies. Amity’s launch is a step towards addressing issues with higher education’s affordability, accessibility, and flexibility through online degree programmes.

“We have rolled out the first-ever virtual AI professor in the online higher education space. Professor AMI will facilitate a focused, on-demand, and real-time learning experience. When it comes to online learning, personalisation is the key. We believe that each learner is unique and has different learning needs, and Professor AMI will be attuned to these diverse requirements. We look forward to transforming online higher education with this innovation and novel teaching methods it will inspire in the future,” Ajit Chauhan, Chairman, Amity University Online, said.


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