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Infosys cautions employees against moonlighting

-By ArdorComm News Network

There has been a significant discussion in the industry after Rashid Premji tweeted that moonlighting is similar to cheating. Some corporate leaders supported moonlighting, while others opposed it. Employees at Infosys are currently being cautioned about moonlighting in an internal email. They risk losing their jobs at Infosys if they do.

According to TOI, Infosys has informed its employees that it would not tolerate dual employment because it violates the company’s code of conduct and the rules outlined in the employee handbook. On September 12, a mail with the subject line “No two timing – No moonlighting” was sent to the employees.

The email continues by stating that no employee is permitted to engage in any second employment outside of regular working hours without the organization’s permission. While Infosys and Wipro are explicitly opposed to moonlighting, Swiggy, a food aggregator platform, has implemented a progressive moonlight policy that permits its staff to work on outside projects during the weekends and outside of their regular working hours.

In fact, Swiggy is the first Indian employer to permit moonlighting, with the stipulation that projects undertaken by employees must not clash with Swiggy’s operations and must receive management clearance on an internal basis. It is obvious that Swiggy does not want to control what its employees do outside of working and duty hours.

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