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Karnataka Gears Up For Third Wave Of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Expert committee suggestions will be implemented says Health Minister Sudhakar.

Bengaluru: Looking at the possibility of COVID third wave, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar on Monday said that the state is getting prepared to address the pandemic and will implement suggestions made by the expert committee.

“I have thanked them for the report and will discuss it with my technical committee members. We’ll try to implement their valuable suggestions if we have not taken those points in consideration. We want to prevent the third wave,” Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said.

Sudhakar added that the health practitioners and private nursing homes of Karnataka had formed a committee to combat the possible third COVID wave. He also added that they’ve officially presented a report to him and he will go through it.

Basavaraj Bommai on vaccination: Earlier, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai had talked about the COVID third wave preparation and said the state will start at least five lakh COVID-19 vaccinations everyday from September one with the help of the Centre.

“We did five lakh inoculations on a trial basis on Wednesday. Now we will start five lakh vaccinations daily from September 1,” Bommai said.

To a question on COVID restrictions during the Gauri-Ganesha festival next month, he said such issues will be discussed at a meeting of COVID-19 experts on August 30.

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