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Karnataka’s 60 industrial projects are expected to generate over 8,000 jobs

-By ArdorComm News Network

The Karnataka government has authorised over 60 industrial projects worth Rs 2,465.94 crore, which are likely to employ more than 8,575 people in the state. The 131st State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) has approved ten major large and medium-sized industrial projects totalling more than Rs 50 crore in investment. Around 3,190 individuals will be able to rely on them for a living.

The committee also gave its approval to 49 new projects worth more than Rs 15 crore and less than Rs 50 crore. In Karnataka, these initiatives, valued Rs 938.61 crore, will create jobs for 5,385 people. Another Rs 5 crore project was also approved. A total of 60 projects with a combined investment of Rs 2,465.94 crore and employment potential of 8,575 individuals received approval. At the most recent SLSWCC conference (the 130th), 48 projects were approved, with the potential to employ nearly 6,393 people.

Earlier this month, during the 58th State High Level Clearance Committee meeting, the state government approved industrial projects worth Rs 11,495.4 crore that have the potential to create around 46,984 employment. The Siddhasiri Souharada Sahakari Niyamit’s project, which will cost over Rs 360 crore, the Goodrich Aerospace Services project, which will cost over Rs 250 crore, and the Shree Cement project, which will cost around Rs 150 crore, are among the most recent projects to receive clearance.

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