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Kerala school introduced unisex uniforms to foster gender equality

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When it comes to government efforts to ensure gender equality, the most common concerns are primarily those related to preventing violence or installing gender-neutral toilets. Kerala has moved things a step farther, promoting gender equality in the region. And, while a part of the population was up in arms over a teachers’ education manual aimed at making the nation’s schools more responsive to and inclusive of all genders, the current PTA president, Vivek V, who was also on the PTA executive committee in 2018 who made the decision, told PTI that it wanted all children to have the same level of autonomy. We wanted all students to wear the same uniform to ensure they were allowed to move freely.
It was a big hit, giving us the confidence to apply it to all other classes, Vivek said. During curriculum reform, the LP school demonstrated an excellent work, and the government would continue to promote such gender-inclusive practices. These lessons need not be limited to textbooks. The noble move by Valayanchirangara LP School is admirable.
According to the minister, the state government is fully behind the idea of a single gender uniform for the students, which is a step toward ensuring equality in the classroom, and the school’s principal, K P Suma, said the students are enthusiastic about the new uniform and that they will be more comfortable and confident in participating in extra-curricular activities as a result of the PTA. After reviewing several styles, Mukundan said that we discussed the issue with the teachers and students and created this uniform. After considering various options, we made the leap to lengthen the shorts and make a 3/4th for all the students. This was first reported among pre-primary students.
The girls uniform also has pockets, she explained. A mother who did not wish to be identified told that now her daughter does not have to worry about participating in any physical activities like running, jumping, or dancing, for example. Our parents used to remind us to be vigilant when participating in many activities, including tennis and dancing because skirts are not suitable for such activities. Now I am glad that my daughter will not be faced with the same difficulties as me and can do whatever she wishes without having to worry about her suit getting in the way, she said. In the last five years, the number of students enrolling in the program has steadily increased.
Nevertheless, a proposal for a regulation on this has not been proposed, according to higher education minister R Bindu, who said that dressing one’s own is a personal affair and that such behavior, in the second week of November, is unconstitutional.

Source: PTI

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