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Khilkhilat ambulance services for newborns will soon be launched by the Maharashtra Govt

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The government of Maharashtra will soon begin providing Khilkhilat Ambulance services for infants, according to Mangal Prabhat Lodha, a cabinet minister for the state. According to Lodha, these ambulances are specifically made to deliver the mother and the newborn child to their houses.

“On the line of Gujarat government, Maharashtra government to also start Khilkhilat Ambulance services for newly born baby, these ambulances are specially designed to drop the mother and the newborn child at their home.”¬†said Lodha, who also serves as the Minister of Women and Child Development in Maharashtra.

This ambulance would have a distinctive siren-like Khilkhilat, and Lodha continued, “Usually, we see newborn babies start crying by hearing the sound of an ambulance siren. Initially, we are planning to bring it to suburban Mumbai at five places and after seeing the response will decide to launch it completely.”

“These Khilkhilat ambulances will be designed by keeping in the minds little babies and the main motive behind this is to give happiness to the family and babies as it’s a special moment for the family to have a new baby as a new member in the family,” he concluded. Mangal Prabhat Lodha is also the guardian minister for Mumbai suburban district.

A safe return home is the goal of the Khilkhilat service, which is free for mothers and infants. The project, Vatsalaya, situated in Maharasthra, was inspired by the initiative, which was launched in Gujarat in September 2012. The Khilkhilat ambulances include a nutrition kit for the newborn kid, a schedule of vaccinations to be administered at particular intervals, and details about the government hospitals nearby.

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