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Kinara Capital plans to hire 700 people by the end of November 2022

Kinara Capital, an Indian fintech firm, is planning to hire 700 more employees. It will hire for a variety of positions throughout its 125 branches, which are distributed across 90+ cities. There are openings at all levels, for both newcomers and seasoned professionals, and they will be filled by November 2022.

Sales, collections, operations, credit risk, and internal quality audit (IQA) are all looking for qualified candidates. Human resources, information technology (IT), data science, engineering, data platform, business operations, finance & accounting, marketing, products & strategy, and more are all available at its Bengaluru head office.

Kinara Capital is one of the few companies where women make up the majority of the management team. Because of the Company’s innovative inclusive culture, there is gender inclusion in every area. Employees with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community are currently employed by the company.

Kinara, which focuses on SMEs, also offers LEAP, a high-skill training programme for new employees to assist them get a head start in their careers. The six-month intensive training programme is paid and includes tough classroom instruction followed by hands-on field experience. It has already taught over 100 freshers for the corporate world in the last year. Some of those who have received training here have gone on to become excellent problem solvers and hub managers.

“We are growing our team to support even more MSMEs, especially as we continue to expand in Tier 2 and Tier 3 geographies,” Hardika Shah, founder and CEO of Kinara Capital, stated, reiterating Kinara’s commitment to offering great customer service to underserved entrepreneurs. Our national hiring drive is with the intent to seek out professionals who wish to lead a purpose-driven life and make an impact on others by furthering our mission of financial inclusion.”

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