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King’s College UK Expands to Gurugram, Redefining Education in North India

Global Educational Ventures (GEV) and SVIET have joined forces to introduce a branch of the renowned King’s College UK in Gurugram, marking a significant leap in reshaping educational standards across North India.

The formal agreement signing took place at the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai, graced by distinguished personalities from the King’s College board and beyond.

Among the esteemed guests were Michael Sloan, the headmaster of King’s College, Justin Chippendale, director of International Schools of King’s College, and Simon Worthy, responsible for the administration and finance of King’s College. Linda Nash, Chair of Governors at King’s College, also graced the occasion alongside other notable figures.

Richard Biggs, CEO of GEV and Managing Trustee of SVIET, orchestrated the signing ceremony, emphasizing GEV’s steadfast dedication to supporting this transformative initiative.

Dr. Zoltan Fodor, a board governor from Hungary, extended congratulations and elaborated on the educational philosophy guiding the institute’s journey ahead.

Michelle Schneider, a board of governor of King’s College UK Gurugram, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for their support, pledging to uphold the esteemed legacy and unwavering standards of King’s College.

Dirk Leidinger, another board member of the upcoming King’s College wing in Gurugram, outlined the school’s vision and articulated plans to maintain the high standards, ethos, and values synonymous with King’s College.


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