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LifeSigns and Amala Hospital collaborate on wearable wireless technology

Using wearable wireless technology, Amala Hospital has introduced a brand-new smart ward. This smart ward, the first of its kind in Kerala, is outfitted with cutting-edge technology that offers ongoing patient monitoring with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes and lowering the possibility of medical error.

To apply its iMS technology across cardiology and medicine departments at its hospital in Thrissur, Kerala, the hospital chain has teamed with Chennai-based health-tech startup, LifeSigns.

The wireless patient monitoring system with early warning scores that enables real-time monitoring of vital signs and other significant health indicators is one of the major components of the smart ward. Using this technology, patient health can be monitored more effectively and efficiently than with conventional wired monitoring devices, which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable for patients.

The smart ward is equipped with patient information systems for the hospital, as well as monitors at the nursing station, in addition to the wireless monitoring system. These components all work together to enhance patient care and speed up the medical process.

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