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Lloyds Bank to Establish New Technology Centre in Hyderabad, Creating 600 High-Tech Jobs

Lloyds Banking Group, a UK-based financial institution, has announced its plans to establish a new technology centre in Hyderabad, India, as part of its £3 billion investment strategy aimed at digital transformation. The bank intends to hire around 600 skilled professionals specializing in technology, data, and cyber security roles initially, with a focus on enhancing customer experience and strengthening its technical capabilities.

Ron van Kemenade, the Group Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the significance of this investment in Hyderabad’s technology landscape, acknowledging India’s emergence as a hub for technological innovation. Leveraging this trend, Lloyds aims to meet evolving customer needs and support long-term growth strategies.

The Lloyds Technology Centre in Hyderabad will become home to 600 specialists in technology, data, and cyber security by the end of 2023. The facility will primarily focus on building internal technical capabilities to improve the customer experience. Kemenade expressed excitement about the company’s technology transformation and highlighted the abundance of opportunities in Hyderabad, given the city’s talented engineers and impressive technology ecosystem. He also emphasized Lloyds’ commitment to contributing to the local job market as it expands its presence in the region.

Recruitment efforts are currently underway for the leadership team, and broader recruitment plans are being developed in preparation for the opening of the technology centre later this year.

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