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Maharashtra SSC Class 10th Results 2023 Declared: 151 Students Scored Perfect 100%

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has announced the results of the SSC (Class 10) board exams for the year 2023. The results can be accessed on the official websites of the board, namely,, or This year, the pass percentage for SSC students is 93.83%, showing a decrease of 3.18% compared to the previous year. The decline in pass percentage is observed across various board exams at the state and national levels.

Several factors may have contributed to this decline, including the impact of the lockdown on students’ learning abilities, the successful anti-cheating campaign implemented in the state, the leniency granted during the board exams in pandemic years, and the varying difficulty levels of question papers. In terms of individual scores, 151 students achieved a perfect 100%, with the majority from Latur (108) followed by Aurangabad (22), Amravati (7), Mumbai (6), Pune (5), and Konkan (3).

Out of the 37,704 repeaters who registered for the SSC exams, 36,648 appeared, and 22,320 successfully passed, resulting in a pass percentage of 60.90%. Additionally, 8,397 persons with disabilities registered for the SSC exams, out of which 8,312 appeared and 7,688 passed, recording a pass percentage of 92.49%.

Among the nine divisions, Konkan secured the highest pass percentage at 98.11%, while Nagpur had the lowest at 92.05%. Once again, girls outperformed boys with a pass percentage of 95.87% compared to boys’ 92.05%. A total of 1,529,096 students appeared for the exams, with 1,434,898 students passing. Among them, 526,210 students achieved first class, 334,015 received a second division, and 85,298 obtained a pass class.

Students can apply for mark verification online at from June 3 to June 12, along with a fee of Rs 50. A remarkable 66,578 students scored 90% and above, and 173,586 students were granted additional marks for participating in non-academic activities such as sports. Additionally, 33,306 students have been allowed to proceed to the next grade with a “keep term” status (ATKT), in case they failed in a maximum of two subjects. These students need to clear their SSC papers before being admitted to Class 12.

This year, a total of 1,577,256 students registered for the MSBSHSE SSC exam, comprising 844,116 boys and 733,067 girls. The exams were conducted from March 2 to March 25 at 5,033 centers across the state. In previous years, the pass percentages were as follows: 96.94% in 2022, 99.95% in 2021, 95.30% in 2020 (pre-pandemic), 77.10% in 2019, and 89.41% in 2018.

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