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News on education 16 ArdorComm Media Group Massive Protests in Argentina Condemn Milei’s Education Cuts
News on education 16 ArdorComm Media Group Massive Protests in Argentina Condemn Milei’s Education Cuts

Massive Protests in Argentina Condemn Milei’s Education Cuts

-By ArdorComm News Network

President Milei’s radical austerity measures spark widespread outrage as massive protests erupt across Argentina, denouncing severe education spending cuts.

In a sweeping demonstration of dissent, students, university professors, trade unions, and opposition parties unite in condemnation of President Javier Milei’s aggressive austerity policies, particularly their detrimental impact on public universities. Tuesday witnessed one of Argentina’s largest protests since Milei’s ascent to power in December, with hundreds of thousands rallying nationwide against the government’s assault on education funding.

Aerial footage depicts throngs of protesters flooding the streets of Buenos Aires, amplifying calls to reverse budget reductions that threaten the very existence of universities. The University of Buenos Aires reports over 500,000 participants in the capital alone, underscoring the magnitude of public discontent.

Milei’s election campaign, symbolized by a chainsaw, vowed to slash public spending and dismantle government structures amidst economic turmoil. His administration has executed drastic measures, including ministry closures, cultural center defunding, layoffs, and subsidy cuts, purportedly to revive the economy.

Defending his unorthodox approach, Milei touts the country’s first quarterly fiscal surplus since 2008 as evidence of progress, despite widespread opposition from political, union, and media spheres.

Argentina’s renowned public education system, a beacon in Latin America, faces unprecedented jeopardy as Milei slashes university budgets by 71%. Amidst soaring inflation rates nearing 290%, universities warn of imminent closure, jeopardizing the education of millions.

Ricardo Gelpi, rector at the University of Buenos Aires, warns of imminent shutdowns, threatening the country’s legacy of free and quality higher education.

Nobel laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel underscores the gravity of the situation, rallying for the preservation of public education as a fundamental right.

In the face of relentless protests and mounting criticism, Milei’s administration grapples with escalating discontent, challenging its vision for economic reform amidst societal upheaval.


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